The Return of Jesus My King

The Return of Jesus My King 2016

Hi, I’m the copyright owner of the book featured on this website, The Return of Jesus My King 2016 - The Story of God’s Clock. My name isn’t important because the man I want to introduce to you is Roger F. Larose.

Roger was a business client who became my friend. I watched him leave a lucrative career as a mathematician and computer programmer to pursue ministry where he loved those some would call unlovable. I watched him create streams in the desert, and turn ex-prisoners into productive members of society.

After seeing this for several years, I was not surprised when he decided to take his abundant knowledge and use it to provide a unique and fascinating look at the timeline for some of the most complex Biblical prophecies. I was not surprised when he decided to turn that information into a book. However, I was surprised that immediately upon writing the final chapter; his stay on planet earth ended.

I was surprised again when his family gave me the copyright, with the condition that the funds be used to provide free education services. That was in 1997 and I didn’t really know how to proceed but I finally figured it out, with a little help from Roger.

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Roger uses this book to explain several Biblical prophecies. Yes, he predicts a possible time for the return of Jesus and he explains the verses that say no one knows the day or hour. In addition, The Return of Jesus My King contains insight on God’s design for rest, something that is very important in today’s turbulent times.

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Thanks so much for visiting Roger’s site. You may now go ahead and use the form in the right hand column to get your book preview. I thank you and Roger thanks you.

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